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Album Credits

Classless Act is:

Derek Day - vocals

Dane Pieper - guitar

Griffin Tucker - Guitar

Franco Gravante -bass

Chuck McKissock - drums


Track Listing:

1.  Classless Act  (featuring Vince Neil of Motley Crue) • (D. Day, N. Tsangaris, C. Tsangaris)

2.  This is For You (featuring Justin Hawkins) •  (D. Day, F. Gravante, K. Kelson, N. Tsangaris)

3.  Time To Bleed • (F. Gravante, J. Hawkins, D. Day)

4.  On My Phone  (D. Day)

5.  All That We Are  (D. Day, F. Gravante, K. Nelson)

6.  Made in Hell  (D. Day)

7.  Storm Before The Calm  (D. Day, J. Miller, J. Bell, N. Tsangaris)

8.  Haunting Love  (F. Gravante)

9.  Walking Contradiction  (D. Pieper, F. Gravante, D. Day, K. Nelson)

10. Give It To Me  (D. Day, F. Gravante, K. Nelson, N. Tsangaris)

11. Circles  (D. Day)

12.  Thoughts From A Dying Man  (F. Gravante)


Produced and Mixed by Joe Chicarelli, Bob Rock, Franco Gravante, and Keith Nelson

• Track 1 - Produced and Mixed by Franco Gravante

• Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 - Produced and Mixed by Joe Chicarelli

• Track 2 - Mixed by Mark Needham

• Track 3 - Produced and Mixed by Keith Nelson

• Tracks 4 & 11 - Produced and Mixed by Bob Rock


Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza at Howie Weinberg Mastering


Publishing Information:

Derek Day - Classless Songs (BMI) / Too Many Names  (SESAC)

Franco Gravante - Classless Songs (BMI) / No More Names Music  (BMI)

Dane Pieper - Classless Songs (BMI)

Keith Nelson - KFNelsongs, Universal  (ASCAP)

Jordan Rand Miller and Jason Merris Bell - Egg Songs Publishing (ASCAP) Administered by Downtown DLJ Songs  (ASCAP)

Justin Hawkins - pläm pläm GmbH / Kobalt

Niko Tsangaris - Classless Songs (BMI) / No More Names Music (BMI)

Chris Tsangaris - Christopher Tsangaris (BMI)

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