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What's been going on/what's next for Classless Act in 2022

• In March of this year, Classless Act went out on their first-ever real tour, as support for Dorothy’s ‘Gifts From The Holy Ghost’ tour, and rather than one line at the end of the reviews, “Opening was the new rock band Classless Act,” the band received full-on, glowing notices.


•  On the band's second road adventure, Classless Act was first on the bill for this summer’s biggest tour, the $173.5 million-grossing, Stadium Tour, delivering killer sets at 3:45PM for audiences anywhere from 8000 to 21,000 attendees (depending on the traffic, and the lines to get into the stadium!). The December support dates with Giovannie & The Hired Guns, and a slew of headline shows will wrap up the year.


•  Vocalist Derek Day received a call the afternoon before the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at L.A.’s Kia Forum, to possibly fill in for the ailing Struts’ Luke Spiller, who had been set to perform a special two-song set with members of the Foo Fighters and Mötley Crüe.  Derek made it to the Forum just in time for the soundcheck/rehearsal, and yes, he got the gig for the following night’s performance.


• The five members of Classless Act come from all over the globe - Hawaii, Argentina, Dallas, and Los Angeles, and met through friends via social media.  

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