Des Rocs Biography

“Des Rocs is redefining rock’n’roll.  Inspired by New York City, the hustle, the vintage, the underground, the bright lights, pulling from real-life experiences, his music is modern tied to the fundamentals of classic rock ’n' roll.  While following in the footsteps of rock hall of famers, his authenticity is undeniable.”  — Flaunt Magazine


The music of New York-based artist Des Rocs is boundary-bending, risk-taking, riff-driven, explosive rock’n’roll.  Des is a fourth generation New Yorker whose very life force is synonymous with The City.  A dynamic live performer, he is hugely inspired by Elvis, Roy Orbison, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Queen and Jimi Hendrix (“my creative north stars”).  In just its first couple of years, Des Rocs has opened for The Rolling Stones (“…it was so inspiring that they just liked my music and wanted to give it a platform”), Muse (“I can’t begin to tell you how profound a connection I have with their music”), and Grandson (" incredible artist & true friend.").


For Des, who can easily spend 10-12 hours a day writing and recording music, it’s not just about writing a song; it’s about creating art.  The music, the live show, the visuals, it’s all hyperpersonal and important to him.  He strongly believes that artists should stay true to their own creative vision and not try to emulate others’.  "To compare your success or your art to others,” he feels, "is very much the death of joy.”


Des’s personal pursuits are about as unexpected as the subject matter he sings about.  Similar to his extensive array of musical influences, his passion for other pursuits are just as influential in his songwriting.  History’s lessons can be seen woven throughout Des Rocs anthems, due to his voracious appetite for biographies of America’s greats like John Adams, FDR and Jack Kerouac.  His love of music and history met when, after spending every high school summer touring the world as a classical violinist with the Long Island Youth Orchestra, he first decided he wanted to pursue a music career.  His parents gave their blessing as long as he had a job and an education. So, rather than waiting tables or delivering pizzas, he enrolled in law school, and started touring with his band.  Lucky for all of us, he never needed that degree.  


“I write a lot about life and death,” he says, “and there’s a certain beauty in being close to the edge.  I guess it sounds scary, but I feel that’s where the best art lies.”