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Dirty Honey's Justin Smolian opens up on touring with Guns N' Roses, and why Paul McCartney is still a bass playing genius.

July 13, 2023

Bassist Justin Smolian discusses all-things-bass, plus Dirty Honey's upcoming Can't Find The Brakes album,

on Bass Player's "Bassed Podcast"

February 15, 2023

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In The Studio with Dirty Honey

John Notto previews the high-flying. riff-rockers' highly anticipated sophomore album.

October 2023

Talking 'Can't Find The Brakes':  A Conversation with Dirty Honey's John Notto and Justin Smolian - October 5, 2023

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Dirty Honey - led by Niskayuna's Marc LaBelle - readies for SPAC show with Guns N' Roses Friday,  8/31/23


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