iDKHow Self-Titled EP



Produced by Dallon Weekes

Co-Produced by Drew Fulk, David Pramik, Pat Morrissey, David Dahiquist and Jason Hill


Recorded at Dallon’s house, the Department of Recording & Power (aka Jason Hill’s place), David’s place, WZRDBLD HQ, Pat Morrissey’s place and at June Audio in Provo.


“Introduction” and “Choke” mixed by Dallon Weekes

“Social Climb,” “Do It All The Time,” “Absinthe” and “Bleed Magic Mixed by Drew Fulk


All Songs Mastered by Michelle Mancini at Demi Fugue Studios


Musicians and Instruments:

Vocals on “Introduction” by Jim Merkel

Horns on “Choke” by Alex Nauth

Horns on “Social Climb” by Matt Appleton

Horns on “Do It All The Time” by Alex Nauth and Matt Appleton

Drums on “Choke,” “Social Climb” and “Bleed Magic” by Ryan Seaman


Track Listing/Writing Credits:

1. Introduction  (00:32) • Dallon Weekes

2. Choke  (3:41) • Dallon Weekes

3. Social Climb  (4:16) • Dallon Weekes

4. Bleed Magic  (3:22) • Dallon Weekes, David Pramik, Drew Fulk

5. Absinthe  (3:03)  • Dallon Weekes, Tim Anderson, Pat Morrissey

6. Do It All The Time  (2:47) • Dallon Weekes, Drew Fulk, David Pramik, Micah Premnath


All songs published by Leave Me Alone Records/BMG, ASCAP