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About Dirty Honey

John Notto Bio Info (2023)


John Notto/Guitars Solo Info:

** Born in Massachusetts, raised in Maine

** At eight years old, his parents bought him a red and white Stratocaster (made by Epiphone) that he played until he was a freshman in college

** His parents’ record collections provided his first taste of music, and he became enamored of the ’70s, ‘80s and ‘90s bands:  Hendrix, Queen, Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Bros., Guns N’ Roses and Jeff Buckley, as well as ’70s funk and R&B like Stevie Wonder. He didn’t “get” The Beatles until his early 20s.

** Studied music at the University of Southern Maine for four years, learned to read music and developed a really good musical ear and the ability to pick up songs quickly.

** John also plays drums and bass but gigs only on guitar.  When he makes demos to bring to the band, he’ll play all of the instruments

** Prized possessions: a 58 reissue Gibson Les Paul and a 1930s dobro he purchased with some money he inherited from his grandfather.

** He feels that good rock’n’roll should always be “right at the edge,” like a train that’s almost coming off its tracks. Dangerous, unexpected, music that slaps you in the face a little bit.

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