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"Gear Factor" Info

Loudwire's "Gear Factor" video feature is a segment highlighting your history as a guitarist/bassist/drummer as told through riffs.  You would play some of your favorite guitar/bass/drum riffs, explain why each one is a favorite, how you came up with it, a little history, a little color. All of the details are below - please have the final files sent to



— What was the first riff/song that made you want to play guitar?

— What was the first riff you ever learned?

— Were there any techniques you struggled with early on (hammer-ons, tremolo picking, alt picking etc)

— What were some of your favorite riffs/songs to play while learning guitar? (pick at least 3)

— What was the first riff you wrote for YOUR BAND?

— What are your favorite YOUR BAND riffs? (pick at least 3)

— What is your favorite riff(s) from YOUR NEWEST ALBUM

— provide loose story/anecdote behind each question before playing



— Since we don't use title cards to introduce each question, it's helpful for post-production to naturally work the question into your response: "When I heard "Thunderstruck" when I was 6, I knew I had to learn guitar..." something like that

— Mention the band and the song name of whatever it is you're playing

— If there's a take you don't like, just mention to the camera to discard that take and play until you have a take you're satisfied with



— CONTENT ID: "Hi, this is YOUR NAME from BAND NAME and you're watching Loudwire" 

— raw video footage (avoid .avi or .flac)

— audio files (1 for voice, 1 for instrument)

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