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The War to End All Wars



A song about the 369th regiment who mainly was formed out of

African American and Puerto Rican soldiers and were not allowed

to fight alongside the ordinary American soldiers.


Music:  Joakim Brodén & Chris Rörland

Lyrics:  Joakim Brodén



From a land across the ocean, to the western front where they served

Fought with courage and devotion, preconceptions turned

As the spring offensive kept churning, where the men would earn their name

See the tides of battle turning, and their foes ignite their flame


Hear the toll of the bell, kept fighting for 6 months in hell

As the war rages on, they fight at the edge of the Argonne


Hear the toll of the bell, over 6 months in hell

Out of the trenches they came

As the war rages on, at the edge of the Argonne

Hellfighters earning their name


They would have no prisoners taken, and they never lost any ground

Earned the cross of war unshaken, never turned around

As the armistice is drawing closer, the 369th

Kept on fighting until it was over, and they were first to reach the Rhine


(hear the toll - both verses repeated twice)

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