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The War To End All Wars

"Soldier of Heaven"

This is a song about the Alpine front and the White War.

High in the Alps, in the most extreme circumstances, men fought and protected the borders

between Austria-Hungary and Italy during WW1.

The song tells the story of those brave soldiers who froze to death, and whose bodies still remain under the snow to this day.

Music:  Joakim Brodén & Chris Rörland

Lyrics:  Pär Sundström

I won´t be coming home

I won´t be going anywhere

I will guard this post forever

Here on the alpine slope where I did my final stand I shall remain

Among the ice and snow that binds me to this mountain


A force of nature too strong, sent from above

Where spirits lead the way, the winds will never fade


White Friday, I'll take the

Stairway to heaven

I’m sky high, when I die

I'll be immortal

Forever, I never

I won´t return to

Blood Mountain, I am the

Soldier of heaven


I saw the end of war

I watched the soldiers come and go

And I kept my watch forever

So many brave men fell in the battles that were raging down below

I have seen it all but none will hear my story


All of these years I have been frozen in time

I cried for spring to come but here, winter remain


I always dreamed that I would, serve high above

Where spirits lead the way, the winds will never fade

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