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The War to End All Wars


Smaller, well trained and well-equipped units of soldiers who would

break the stalemate of the frontlines.


Music: Joakim Brodén

Lyrics: Joakim Brodén



Now there’s a standstill in the war, repeating what’s been done before

It must come to an end, a few will transcend

They were under twenty-five, and under fire they would thrive

The Sturmmann is born, their enemies scorn


A glimpse of the future, new tactics in war

New doctrine in combat explored

As fast as lightning, there’s no time to mourn

A glimpse of the future and Blitzkrieg is born


Strike at zero hour

With overwhelming firepower

They’re fueled by the fear in their enemies eyes

It’s a Shock Troop infiltration

A fast and violent escalation

Out of the trenches the stormtroopers rise


Jägers led the way, the pioneers would join the fray

Initiative gained, advancement sustained

Lead through direct command, as they’re advancing through the land

Encircling their flanks, and ravage their ranks


Expose their reinforcements, destroying their lines

New doctrine in combat aligns

Infantry attacks, exposing the cracks

New combat ideals, on the Kaiserschlacht’s fields

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