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The War to End All Wars

"The Valley of Death"


This is the Macedonian front and the Battle of Doiran where Bulgarian troops stood against a larger invading British force and due to strong command and strong fortifications were able to hold the line.

Music: Joakim Brodén & Chris Rörland

Lyrics: Pär Sundström & Joakim Brodén


Dug in deep, equipped for attack

Outnumbered, determined to win

Double trench lines that won’t give in

They’re prepared let the battle begin


Here again they’ve done this before

A lesson that they should have learned by now

Reinforced with new men and guns

Who are ready for death when it comes


United they’re strong, united they’re holding the line 

The Valley of Death, awaiting the British as they come their way


Their attack is coming fight them back

Bulgarians holding the line

Facing wave after wave, will never surrender

Again, again, again, again

They attack, Bulgaria held them back

Unleash their counter barrage

Let it rain artillery pounding the trenches

No surrender, fight them until the end


Fortified, and made to defy

Protected by wires and guns

Troops as far as the eye can see

They advance under Vazovs command


Row on row, as they come from below

Twice they attack, twice they’re beaten back

Every time they try, they will die

Their line of defence is still intact


For white, green and red, for the nation they’re fighting for

The British are done, three times the defence of Doiran has been won

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