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Classless Act Press Assets - 2022 - 2023

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Welcome To The Show


Welcome To The Show


"The Los Angeles-based Classless Act opened the show with a 20-minute set, and carried themselves

as future headliners."

-- SPIN (USA) • The Stadium Tour

“‘Welcome To The Show’ is the debut album by the Los Angeles-based hard rock band,

and confirms why the band is considered

one of the most promising rock bands today. 

-- Canao Do Rock (Brazil)

"Flying out of the traps like a butane-fuelled

Van Halen, there’s a whirl of intensity and confidence that hits the peddle… It’s wonderful stuff on

a seriously good album from a real class act!”

 — The Rockpit (Australia)

“Classless Act is an urgent spark

of rock and roll madness.”

- People Magazine (USA)

"Led by highly charismatic and off-the-wall front man

Derek Day, who could be best described as a composite of Robert Plant’s high-end brilliance,

Roger Daltrey’s power, Axl Rose’s grittiness

and David Lee Roth’s stage presence,

their comparatively short set, set the air ablaze.”

 — BraveWords (Canada) • The Stadium Tour 

"Firmly planted in fertile soil somewhere between

Guns N Roses and The Struts, it's the sound of a band

who've armed themselves with the most

neglected weapon in the junior rock star arsenal:

an actual chorus.” 

-- Louder Sound (UK)

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